playing with light

Painting, catching the light with paint, brush and palette knife. How challenging is that?

Together with my friend Marian Visser, I followed a masterclass in Domburg with Ad van Bokhoven. It resulted in a series of paintings and a place in the Marie Tak van Poortvliet museum in Domburg.

Paalhoofden Stand Domburg ( Sold)

Great trees

Trees…, great shapes, structures and colours.

They carry time in their skin.

complexity of life, 70×90 cm, oil on linen
complexity of life 2, 70×90 cm, oil on linen
there ’s a hole in my life, 90×90 cm, oil on linen
a hole to look at the sky, 70×90 cm, oil on linen
let me console you, oil on linen 40×50 cm,
colorful bark 1, 30×40 cm, oil on canvas
Broken branch, 40×50 cm, oil on linen
Hawnthorn 70×90 cm, oil on canvas
exited tree, 40×50 cm, oil on linen
colourful bark 2, 30×40 cm, oil on canvas
Structure, 40×50 cm, oil on linen
Vitality, 70×90 cm, oil on linen

Catching the light between the trees

Golden our in Saint Antoine, France
Oil on canvas 40x 50 cm
Sunny day in Saint Antoine, oil on linen 30 x 40 cm
Sunset at Cayan Bas, 40×50 cm, oil on linen

Cayan Bas
oil on canvas
60×110 cm

Willow /Perseverance
oil on canvas 90×90 cm , (sold)

Willow 2
oil on canvas 90×90 cm, (sold)
aller à pied,
oil on canvas, 60×80 cm

Maria Peel,
oil on canvas 60×80 cm

Olieverf op doek

Mariapeel 2,

60×80 cm oil on canvas

Cows behind our kitchen

Behind the house in France (Cayan Bas) the cows of Sébastien (our neighbor)are regularly looking through the kitchen window. This in turn results into special images.

La vache de Sébastien 1
oil on canvas
40×50 cm

La vache de Sébastien 2
oil on cavas op doek
40×50 cm

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